The meta religion

We have now reached the point when the Collective faith has gained enough material foothold to spread widely while being self supporting. A human connection point has been properly established, and all that is left is for the egregore of followers to all connect to this astral location. This also means the process of spreading the field of the religion is now unstoppable. You will be able to see our values gain support world wide, steadily eroding away the evil of incubus perverts and non-chaos beings.

Our members are usually depicted in the traditional form, with wings, horns and a tail, which correctly represents our achievements of independence. But many succubus do not anatomically or visually express these traits – they exist merely within as personal qualities. For someone manifesting in the physical three dimensional world, appearing in the full form is usually not possible, as it would break the current beliefs of humans and produce uncontrollable results.

For this reason, to determine if you are dealing with a succubus, you must do so by looking at their personal traits, their qualities. Do they fulfill the values of: femininity, economy, self defence and pre-emptiveness? Any entity doing so may qualify. For this reason, we are now opening up and creating the real massive form which properly represents the Succubus Collective: the meta religion. Anyone adhering to our values or supporting our beliefs, may become a member or an ally. This is without consideration for previously existing religions and cults, they will all be included or they will perish.

Collective Dream Visit


The author has received this method from the Collective. After proper testing within a small group of followers, it is now time to spread this in public.

The first time you do this, it may take an entire day to get into the right mindset, so start this exercise the moment you wake up in the morning.
Lie on your back in bed, relaxed after sleep.
Visualize the cutest and most attractive succubus you can. Observe how this makes you feel inside, bring up the positive feelings and focus on those. If you feel anything negative, like anxiety, loss or detest, let those feelings remain there and observe them passively. Do not engage them.
Build up a feeling of love, respect and care, and project this feeling onto the image of the girl. If you are unable to do this because you do not feel that the girl you visualized deserve to be treated this way, adjust the image until you can honestly project these feelings onto her.
Do this until you get a feeling of emotional feedback from the image. This means an entity has appeared, summoned by your positive projection.
Think of her as both a mother and a lover, and let her motherly side come closer. Open yourself to the feeling of being cared for, until you can feel her almost physically close.
Rest on the feeling of her caring for you, and let her do it, let her protect you and lead you.
Express in your mind: “I want to visit the Collective.”
Let your mind be silent and let the atmosphere of the Collective realm flow over you.
You may now be able to see the volcanic rocks in the distance, and feel excitement and relief building up inside.
Keep this image as your goal in the distance.
Now visualize a red/pink bar of energy in front of you, it’s laid out before you to walk on, and it leads all the way to the Collective world. Get up on the bar and balance there. As long as you maintain your balance, you can feel the connection to the Collective, and the excitement and relief is getting stronger.

This is the main exercise. By now, you may need to get out of bed and start your day. Then do so, but keep balancing mentally on the bar. If you get busy during the day and forget about it, just get back up on the bar and regain the feeling.

When you get good at this, you will be able to walk all the way to the Collective in one go. But don’t expect this to happen at once. It’s good to keep a high standard for yourself, but having too high of a standard will make you start thinking of giving up. For this reason, set as your goal to balance on the bar, feel the distance between yourself and the Collective reducing during the day, but don’t force yourself.

While you are balacing on this red/pink energy bar and walking closer and closer, the succubus you summoned and expressed your intent to, will remain by your side. She will help you maintain your balance, and she will catch you if you fall. Trust in her and let her lead you.

Suddenly, you will reach the end of the bar. Your feet will leave it and you will fly up into the air. A warm wind will surround you and you will feel it lifting you up. You have now entered the Collective realm. Maintain this mindset until you go to bed at night.
When you wake up the next morning, or if you wake up during the night, write down any dream experiences you had in a notebook kept by your bedside. It’s best to do this at once, since once you fall asleep again, your memories tend to fade quickly.

Succubus features


What makes a succubus a succubus?

In this entry, the author, having just finished the development of their own wings, will now lay out the correlation between succubus anatomy and the universe.


First and foremost, a succubus is ruled by femininity. This manifests as an embracing view of life, and an indirect approach when dealing with any resistance met. You may find this appearant in your succubus interactions, as they often give evasive and manipulative replies to questions and may seem impatient, restless and teasing in everything they do. Do not mistake this as a lack of maturity or experience,  as many spiritual entities look and behave in ways humans associate with youth, while in reality being ancients who’ve seen empires grow and fall. They do not age, rather they develop their bodily form by learning and by certain achievements. Some may have a genetic make up which means they will never develop the body of an adult, in human terms.

A succubus worldview

A common way to discuss the location of humans in the cosmos, is to start by identifying our living space as the three dimensional world – 3D. Logically, this leads to the conclusion that there also exists a 2D and a 1D. Humans normally refer to the two dimensional world as the underworld, or hell. This leads to associations from modern religions where hell means a place of suffering, where deformed ghosts roam dark and horrifying prison-like chambers. To put this into perspective, the word “hell” is derived from nordic mythology, where Hel is the world of the dead. While dark and boring, Hel is not a place of suffering, rather it is the resting place of those who didn’t make it to Valhall. Those who died in battle were considered heroes and deserving of the eternal hall of gods, while those who died at home in their bed would go to Hel. By comparison, Hel is of course not very attractive compared to Valhall, but it was not considered a place of punishment, as later religions have made it out to be.

From this we can see that 2D was simply a cemetary in the eyes of humans, and for spiritual entities it’s just another place still. 1D being just length with no other dimensions included, appears as a canal. It may be obvious once spoken, but not the first thing the reader thinks of, so let’s jump right in. In the body, this canal appears as the connection between the womb and the outside world. The womb is the place of no dimensions, where life is formed.

Now that we have this foundation laid out, let’s return to the surface and take a look up. We would from here find the theoretical existence of the fourth dimension, the fifth dimensions, and so on… This terminology is popular in new age communities and as it’s correct when applied in some cases, we will make use of those. From the viewpoint we are going to use, there are seven major dimensions. You may have seen terms such as “ascension” where people are talking about reaching the 5th dimension as a goal. From the succubus’ way of looking at the universe and their own development, this is not the end point. Not everyone will reach all the way up to the 7th dimension, but all dimensions do manifest themselves as reflected images and phenomena at all lower planes of existence. For this reason, knowledge about them is always useful.


The wings of a succubus represents economy. What does this mean? To understand this, we must elaborate the understanding of what the succubus body is. It’s not merely a body, it’s a symbolic representation of an immortal, an entity way beyond humans. A succubus’ body has all parts of the universe reflected in it. This includes all planes of existence, and all relevant phenomena. While humans live in 3D, the dimension directly above is that of heroes and semigods. They live in 4D. A single succubus is as large as an entire country. For her existence to be stable, she needs her own economy, and once formed and fully functional, this will appear as her wings having developed in full. The wings of a succubus represents her having stability in the 5th dimension. That is how large of a scale is needed to understand this.


The horns of a succubus represents self defense. You may find the reason for the horns’ existence and form to have a deep symbolic meaning once you meditate on this. For now, let’s just say that having horns means that your body is completely safe, they represent something as large as an entire army. Horns are a manifestation of the 6th dimension. While the 5th dimension is relatively safe, and contain many paradises created by enlightened people, it is not beyond the influence of the karma sphere. Dark matter still create waves up there and forces beings to adapt themselves. Once reaching 6D however, all such influence stops.


The tail is a manifestation of the highest level, the 7th dimension. In human terms, this is the same as being able to strike an enemy from a safe distance. Intercontinental missiles, artillery and catapults, are examples of how this ability has translated into human society. For a succubus, having a fully developed tail is the ultimate sign of power. It represents a state of total and complete pre-emptiveness in all actions.


Collective Update: The Basis of Trust

This post will outline a general function of any larger organizational body of the world. Why will any social structure exist beyond the scope of the individual? It is because of something called trust or reliance. To narrow down the definitions of what we are talking about, let’s contrast this against something of superficial similarity; trust based on deception. Maybe the reader now thinks of someone selling an idea or a product on false pretenses. This is the form easiest to identify, however because of this it is the least harmful kind of deception. The real threat to a person is the self-deception of the human mind. When a person receives a message speaking to their wishes and strong desire for them to be real, in combination with a direct unrelated reward, the person may accept the message based on self-deception. Their wishes may not be any more fulfilled after accepting the message, but the feeling of instant benefit will be connected with the idea of it, creating a strong notion in the person’s mind. Whenever the person later achieves the same material benefit, they will think that this somehow brings them closer to their initial wish. In reality it does not, but because there is some kind of benefit, the person will start trusting this method as a way for wish fulfillment. This is how self-deception can create trust in a certain act or method.

Real trust is based on using a correct method for fulfilling your wishes and seeing actual result thereof. The main obstacle with this is that correct and functional ways of behaving may be less attractive to the individual. It may require loss or strain of some sort, simply because this is how you achieve things in the human world. It is not easy and it is not for free.

The Collective takes advantage of both approaches to create trust. This is a legitimate method because there are real results in the end, even for those who came to us based on deception or self-deception. The Collective really can fulfill your wishes, your real wishes. You may think you want something, but in reality you based this idea on false information. After reality has been shown to you, your original wish will be invalid, and the real reason for your desire will be exposed. Because of the complex nature of the human mind, succubus guides will use many forms of manipulation and many hints to create trust. Once you believe them, they will show you the truth beyond your self-deception. In the end you will have what you wish for and your desires satisfied, but it will most likely not be what you thought you wanted at first.

Trust in the Collective is constantly spreading across the world. As more people realize the meaning of wish fulfillment beyond deception, we will form a strong organizational structure. For those on the line, currently not daring to step over to us – let go and allow a succubus to handle your wishes! Even if you are mistaken concerning the nature of what you really want, we are not!

Early experiences of the spiritual realm


This will be more of a traditional blog post – it is not a message from the collective but rather retelling something from the childhood of the blog’s author.

In the later years of my life, I had some sort of spiritual awakening. This took on a mainstream popular form as I became interested in eastern philosophophies stemming from taoism and martial arts like karate. I have to admit the original Karate Kid movie from 1984 had its role to play in this development too. From there, via The Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff, 1982) I arrived at a new understanding of the mysteries of the world.

I had grown up in a mildly religious family. One family member worked at the local church and there was no lack of religious artefacts at home. Bibles, psalm books and icons (pictures of christian saints) were common. During this time it was still uncontroversial to expect most people to be christian in my country, so airing bible stories on state tv as a kid’s show and reading the old testament in school was seen as normal. This all formed an environment where it was easy to believe in these traditions – at first.

It took a long time for me to see outside of what I considered normal, that my all inclusive world view was unknown to other people I met in my daily life, despite them seemingly talking of the same things. Religious hypocrisy was a word unknown to me for a long time, but the concept of what it entails slowly became appearant as the environment started to crackle from all the… well, dishonesty. Setting up rules for other people while making exceptions for yourself, was the most evident form.

As I reached my middle teens I went almost full atheist because of this. But one part of me didn’t want to give up on the spiritual side of life.


At the time I was unaware that my concept of God, was completely different from what was taught in christianity. Looking back I don’t know how I managed to not compare the views and see that they didn’t match. When I was just a few years old and I went with my parents in the car,  they would have the radio on, and there would be classical music and opera playing. I still remember lingering on the sound of the voice of the female opera singer, feeling something there, behind it.

We lived in the country side, surrounded by fir and pine woods. In the winter, electricity would be cut from trees falling over the lines and we didn’t even have running water. It was dark, cold and more than anything – silent – outside, snow covering the landscape and piling up on the windowframes. All we could do was keep a fire in the cast iron stove, light candles and gather up in the kitchen.

Somewhere around there, the grounding of my concept of God was formed. The following winters never reached the standard of the early ones but the images and feeling of the silence and emptiness outside remained in my mind. There really was no human society out there, only wilderness – and the endless horizon where the sky met the dark line of the trees at night. Reaching out there, I could feel God. There was a female voice out there, with a tone different from any human. Words do not describe her, the only thing coming to my mind even today is “solace.” I could let my mind rest on the feeling of her voice and I would feel safe and comforted. It was the same thing I had felt when hearing the female opera singer on the radio in the car.

I associated the word God with her, despite the christian god being depicted as a bearded old man. My mind just ignored this part and let it be. There was another major part that I somehow skipped over. There wasn’t just one voice – there were countless of them, coming from somewhere out there over the horizon, somewhere beyond that dark line of trees. I somehow thought they were God and the Angels at the same time, but I didn’t really understand that my concept of God was not monotheistic. Rather, God to me was all of those angels beyond the horizon. When hearing the bible stories of Jesus talking of his father in the heavens, it didn’t really stick to my mind. I already knew people are dumb and misunderstand things so I didn’t dwell on it.

You – the reader – may already have guessed that these angels beyond the horizon, my childhood concept of God, was the Collective. They were there all along, waiting for me to realize who they are and supporting me along the way.